Closed/Expired: NextGen Cart Design Challenge

NextGen Cart Design Challenge

Prize Structure

  • Phase I: Design Round
    • Competitors will thoroughly and thoughtfully address all Submission Form questions to the best of their ability.
    • Competitors have the option of uploading supporting documents, video links or sketches of their preliminary design.
    • Competitors should ensure that the submission provides a sufficient level of detail to demonstrate the design as “reduced to practice.”
    • All components of the designs should be sufficiently tested to demonstrate that they are “fit for purpose” and meet the specification requirements listed in the Judging Criteria.
    • All components of the design should include detailed information relating to the make, model, sourcing, and cost of the components.
  • Phase II: Prototype Round
    • The 2 awarded Finalists will be required to build a functional prototype of their design (intended to be the model for final production models)
    • Competitors should assemble all of the components in such a manner that all interoperability can be tested in a live environment for final review.
    • Competitors should include performance data benchmarks that can be validated during the final phase of evaluation.

Following the Phase I Design Round, Bradford will select up to 2 Finalists to advance to the Phase II Prototype Round. Both Finalists will receive $5,000 in upfront cash to fund the development of their initial prototype. On the Phase II Prototype Round Submission Deadline, Bradford will coordinate with each Finalist to have their prototypes shipped to a central location for Finalist Judging at a company-wide event. Following the Judging Event, the Bradford Executive Management Judging Panel will select one Grand Winner. The winning prototype will earn up to $15,000 in additional cash awards, and the second place prototype will earn up to $5,000 in additional cash awards.


Following the Phase II Prototype Round, Bradford will extend an optional Commercial Contract to the winner to source and manufacture the product, pending a mutual agreement between the two parties.


Bradford Airport Logistics is committed to awarding up to $30,000 in overall prize money:

  • Grand Winner: $20,000
  • Second Place Finalist: $10,000

Deadline:- 24-03-2018

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