Nourishon Dubai 2020 challenge

Nourishon Dubai 2020 challenge

Nourishon Dubai is a transformative food security hybrid challenge .

Ideanco Lab is presenting Nourishon Dubai, inspired by ‘nourishment’ and powered by the ideanco Lab., a global hybrid (physical and virtual) challenge focusing on food security and in partnership with AREA 2071, it will take place on February 26 – 27, 2020, at AREA 2071, Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Nourishon is inspired by Nourishment, which is “the food needed for us to grow, to stay healthy, and remain in good condition.” Ideanco Nourishon Dubai brings together the challenges of the UAE and the region with the local and international innovators who have the passion, expertise, and capability to crack them and come up with an actual solution full of impactful benefits for the community locally, regionally and globally.

Awards:- The top cohort winner to be part of ideanco hybrid incubator program powered by ideanco Lab and under the name of Kitchenette.

Deadline:- 08-01-2020

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