Closed/Expired: Nutella video innovation challenge


Christmas is almost here… in less than a week, families will be together, celebrating great moments and sharing deep emotions. For a lot of people in Europe and the USA, Christmas means a break in the crazy rhythm of life. It’s all about slowing down and changing the rituals. Taking the time to talk, eat great food, walk in the countryside, bake together.

Nutella, the iconic brand that makes the delicious chocolate spread, is an essential ingredient of Christmas rituals. With Nutella, “Christmas never tasted this good.” Families have a tradition of baking together. With Nutella, the experience of baking and the great desserts you can make are enhanced. (With Nutella you can make great desserts such as tiramisus but also cookies, pancakes, cupcakes etc.) People love Nutella so much that they search online for Christmas recipes to make with it!

Christmas is not just a day. It is that sense of wonder, joy, and revitalizing energy that people start to feel a long time before the D-day comes: decorating the house, preparing the meals, shopping for the presents… these are exciting activities when done with our families and friends. Nutella contributes to this wonderful feeling: as an idea for a small gift, to customize traditional recipes, or even as a novel Christmas ornament.

Nutella fosters the Christmas feeling and wants to create videos around this idea. Do you want to be part of the movement and celebrate Christmas with Nutella?

Creative Challenge

Create a video that shows us how and why Nutella brings more intensity to the Christmas family rituals, especially when baking together.


  • #1 Prize €12,000
  • #2 Prize €6,000
  • #3 Prize €2,000

Deadline:- 29-01-2017

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