Closed/Expired: Obama Presidential center architecture competition

Obama Presidential center architecture competition

This competition challenges designers to create an exceptional presidential library for U.S. President Obama (OPL). We look for design proposals with wide reaching architectural interventions that deal with the challenging South Side of Chicago, and make a case for a sustainable urban and economic growth.

The competition is intended to solicit design concepts for the OPL that are aesthetically pleasing, pedestrian-oriented, sensitive to neighborhood context, and attractive to the Obama Foundation and to the other stakeholders. The rough building program is provided below; however, each participant is welcome to change/adjust the program as needed based on their own research of opportunities, of comparable presidential libraries, or of customized needs and expectations of the Obama presidency itself. Designs shall: a. be solely the result of the design effort of the designer; and b. be unique original and not infringe upon any copyright or the rights of any person.

Awards:- 1st: $4200, 2nd: $2100, 3rd: $700

Deadline:- 10-05-2016

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