Closed/Expired: Oil Change Social Awareness Videos challenge

Start With Flavor Video Project

The goal of this project is to create two (2) entertaining and engaging 15-30-second Videos to increase awareness for Advance Auto Parts and specific oil brands among automotive DIY-ers who do their own oil changes, or might consider doing it themselves.

Note to Ideators: When crafting your Ideas, think of how you would tailor them to the two Key Personas the Sponsor wants to engage: The Expert and The Learner.  When you submit your Ideas you will be required to specify which persona your idea is intended for. More details on the two Key Personas can be found below.

Note to Pitch Submitters: The winning Filmmaker will be responsible for the Two (2) 15-30 second videos plus adding Four (4) different brand specific oil end cards to each of the videos.


  • Advance Auto Parts would like to highlight One (1) Key Persona per Video. (Please see below for detailed information on each Persona.)
  • One (1) Video for “The Expert”
  • One (1) Video for “The Learner”
  • Avoid showing specific oil brands in the videos themselves. Branding will be covered in the 4 custom end cards.
  • The Expert should be a male, between 45-50 yrs. old
  • The Expert Video should have an American pickup Truck (about 5-12 years old)
  • The Learner typically skews male, however the sponsor is open to the possibility of content that caters to female learners as well.  You could also consider a female and male couple scenario.
  • The Learner is around 40 yrs. old
  • The Learner Video should have a sedan/coupe car or SUV (about 5-8 years old)
  • The Learner may need inspiration to become a DIY-er
  • The filmmaker is required to shoot 4 in-environment end cards for each of the videos. Each of the end cards will feature one of the designated oil brands (Valvoline, Pennzoil, Castrol, Mobil 1) along with the Advance Auto Parts logo.
  • The sponsor will supply product.

Awards:- The winning Idea creators will receive $250 each.

Deadline:- 14-04-2017

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