Closed/Expired: ONGC Innovation challenge Mud Loss in wells

ONGC Innovation challenge Mud Loss

ONGC Innovation Challenge (Mud Loss in wells)


India is home to one sixth of the world’s population, and is the fourth largest consumer of energy in the world after US, Russia and China. Our economic growth rate till 2020 is projected to be over 7.5% per annum. Our energy demand by 2040 will be close to that of the United States. Oil & Gas industry of India, is growing at nearly 5% per annum. The average annual investments of about $ 17 Billionin oil and gas are projected in India.

India has 26 identified sedimentary basins covering 3.14 MM km2 sedimentary area. 7 basins have established commercial production, 18 basins are in various stages of exploration and have known or indicative accumulations of hydrocarbons. A major part of India has low to moderate exploration coverage, which offers great potential for Exploration & Production of oil and gas in domestic basins.

Gas in domestic-basinsIndia currently has 800 Million tonnes of proven oil reserves, 52 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves. India’s Coal Bed Methane reserves are estimated at 4.6 trillion cubic meter and it is estimated that the technically recoverable shale gas reserves are nearly 96 trillion cubic feet.

Honourable Prime Minister has made a visionary call to realize a 10 percent reduction in the country’s crude imports by 2022. Achieving the targeted reduction in imports would require a renewed impetus to increase the production of oil and gas in India.

Inspired by Honourable Prime Minister’s Navrachna Campaign for fostering innovation for growth and taking cue from Parke Dickey’sinsightful words, “We also find oil in an old place with a new idea”, ONGC has launched a public innovation challenge to seek innovative solutions for use in oil & gas industry to enhance oil and gas production.


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) is the flagship National Oil Company of India, a ‘Maharatna’, with interests in E&P, Refining, LNG, Power, Petrochemicals & New sources of energy. It has been reliable energy solution provider for the country for more than six decades now. Pursuing the vision to be global leader in integrated energy business through sustainable growth, knowledge excellence and exemplary governance practices, ONGC today holds leadership position in several aspects of its business amongst international companies.

ONGC is the flagship National Oil Company of India - a 'Maharatna'

ONGC has capabilities in entire gamut of E&P sector. As on 01.04.2016, ONGC is operating in 14 basins and has established hydrocarbons in 9 basins. So far, 83% of established reserves in India have been discovered by ONGC. It is the largest exploration acreage and mining lease holder in India. ONGC has been the largest oil and gas producer in India contributing 69.6% of oil and 70% of natural gas production during FY 2015-16.

ONGC established 6 out of 7 producing basins of India'

Despite a global downturn in investments due to fall in crude oil prices, the company has largely maintained its capex levels – the capex in FY’15 and FY’16 was Rs 29,997 Crore and Rs 30,110Crore respectively and the budgeted commitment for FY’17 stands at Rs 29,307 Crore.

As many as five development projects valued at Rs 24,800 Crore were completed in FY’16 and seven projects worth Rs 48,000 Crore were approved in the last fiscal. Cumulatively, in the past two years, ONGC’s Board has approved projects worth over Rs 75,000 Crore.

In the past two years, ONGC's Board has approved projects worth over Rs 75,000 Crore

These will translate to additional oil and gas production of over 170 Million Metric tonnes of Oil plus Oil Equivalent Gas (O+OEG). This includes the approval of the biggest investment ever decision to develop the Cluster 2 fields of KG-DWN-98/2 block worth over USD 5 billion.

In the international arena, ONGC Videsh a wholly-owned subsidiary is operating 37 projects in 17 countries. Furthermore, ONGC has also taken structured initiatives to tap unconventional energy sources, be it unconventional gases like Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), Shale Gas and Gas Hydrates, or unconventional energy sources like wind, solar etc.

ONGC Videsh - Wholly owned subsidiary of ONGC having 37 projects in 17 countries

ONGC was the first to establish shale gas presence in India and has also supported Govt. of India in assessing shale gas potential in India. ONGC has forayed into petrochemicals through two world-class petrochemicals plants, ONGC Petro-additions Ltd (OPaL) and ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Ltd (OMPL). ONGC is already generating 51 MW of wind power in Gujarat and another 102 MW has been recently commissioned in Rajasthan.

Various R&D activities are carried out by 12 Institutes. ONGC invests in community development activities through CSR projects and spent Rs. 421 Crore on CSR activities in FY 15-16.

ONGC has been actively pursuing a number of Clean Development Mechanism projects and Carbon Neutrality. 12 CDM projects have been registered with UNFCCC. All operational units of ONGC are certified with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS-18001.


ONGC has identified 5 main Innovation Challenges and these are; Innovation in

“Artificial lifting Equipment” for Horizontal Wells (including ESP Pump for horizontal wells)

“Flow Improvement” in Crude oil pipelines”

“Data Computation and Analytics”

“Sand Influx Control” during production of Oil & Gas”

“Mud loss in wells” in Western Offshore


ONGC has led in transforming India’s upstream sector from marginal domestic levels to a prominent global spread. It has found new resources in nearly every corner of India, both on land and offshore. It has discovered new on land resources in Assam, Tripura, Nagaland Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. ONGC discovered the Mumbai High offshore oil and gas reservoir during 70’s in the Western offshore and later it also discovered hydrocarbons in KG offshore in the Eastern offshore.

ONGC carries out exploration and production activities of hydrocarbons in varied geological and geographical provinces. The challenge before ONGC is to reach the hydrocarbon resource in the ground and to tap them for energy requirements of the nation. These reservoirs sometimes are below the sea, or have high temperature and pressures, or require technologies to enhance the production from the reservoirs.

ONGC currently has 7.59 billion tonnes of In-place hydrocarbon reserves. It has to its credit more than 320 discoveries of oil and gas with Ultimate Reserves of 2.69 Billion Metric tonnes (BMT) of Oil plus Oil Equivalent Gas (O+OEG) from domestic acreages. ONGC is making all efforts to enhance the domestic oil and gas production from existing reservoirs and by finding new reserves. ONGC recognises that innovation in addition to available technologies and solutions can bring about quantum leap in reinforcing ONGC in its drive to offer sustainable, secure and cost efficient energy inputs to the national economy.

The ONGC innovation challenge aims these primary considerations

  • Enable higher productivity from oil and gas wells
  • Enhance trouble free producing life of the oil and gas producing wells
  • Improve operational efficiency of surface infrastructure such as pipelines
  • Improve higher recovery from oil and gas reservoirs
  • Deeper and collated insights to the knowledge and information gathered on reservoirs

This Challenge is an online competition hosted at , for submission of description and documents of the original innovative solution, design, product, tool etc. for the areas of 5 challenges. The specific conditions and the boundary conditions for each of the 5 innovation challenges are given in


  • The Challenge is open to Individuals and Companies/ Institutions.
  • In case of Companies/ Institutions, majority of Team Members/ Shareholders are required to be Indian Nationals.
  • All Participating Individuals are required to be Indian Nationals.
  • Participants (Individual/ or in case of teams) are required to be at least 18 years of age as on 01/01/2017.
  • The following persons and their immediate relatives cannot participate in the Challenge:
    • An employee of ONGC directly involved in execution and evaluation of the Challenge.
    • A member of the Evaluation panel, Experts and Jury for the Challenge.


  • For posting the entries using the online application system, go to and click on the “ONGC INNOVATION CHALLENGE” button. This will open the page containing the registration form with various fields.
  • Participants should submit their entries in the fields with the prescribed number of characters for respectivefields.
  • Drawings, Certificates or Test Results if necessary, can be attached as PDF, but should not exceed 8 MB in size in the aggregate.
  • Participants are advised to fill the information specific to the fields and refrain from posting information not pertaining to the field or pertaining to any other field of the form.
  • On successful submission, participant will receive a confirmation email.
  • For any additional information, the registered Participant will be contacted via email. Participants are advised to duly provide any additional information as instructed.
  • All correspondence shall be through email or SMS on mobile number provided by the participant at the time of registration. Organizers and ONGC are not liable in case of SMS/ email delivery failures.


A two stage Evaluation System shall be followed as per the evaluation matrix

Stage 1Maximum of 25 entries shall be shortlisted by Expert Panel from all complete entries. A maximum of 5 entries shall be from each identified challenge area.
Stage 2All selected entries of Stage 1 shall be presented to Executive Committee of ONGC for consideration of Awards.

The entries at Stage 1 shall be evaluated by Expert Panel of Domain Experts from ONGC and/or industry, in the identified challenge areas. At Stage 1 if no entry is found worth of consideration, in the listed challenge areas, the innovation challenge shall stand concluded for those topics.


S. No.




Utility of solution to ONGC



Originality of Solution



Compliance of Boundary Conditions/requirements



Cost effectiveness



Integration and Implementable



Make in India



Presentation Quality



The following 2 prizes shall be awarded in each of the five(5) identified challenge areas

First Prize 10 Lacs

Second Prize 5 Lacs

Deadline:- 15-07-2017

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