Open Images 2019 – Visual Relationship challenge

Open Images 2019 - Visual Relationship challenge

Computer vision has advanced considerably but is still challenged in matching the precision of human perception.

Open Images is a collaborative release of ~9 million images annotated with image-level labels, object bounding boxes, object segmentation masks, and visual relationships. This uniquely large and diverse dataset is designed to spur state of the art advances in analyzing and understanding images.

This year’s Open Images V5 release enabled the second Open Images Challenge to include the following 3 tracks:

  1. Object detection track for detecting bounding boxes around object instances, relaunched from 2018.
  2. Visual relationship detection track for detecting pairs of objects in particular relations, also relaunched from 2018.
  3. Instance segmentation track [Link to be provided when launched on July 1], brand new for 2019.

Google AI hopes that having a single dataset with unified annotations for image classification, object detection, visual relationship detection, and instance segmentation will stimulate progress towards genuine scene understanding.

Visual Relationship Track

In this track of the Challenge, you are asked to detect pairs of objects and the relationships that connect them.

The training set contains 329 relationship triplets with 375k training samples. These include both human-object relationships (e.g. “woman playing guitar”, “man holding microphone”), object-object relationships (e.g. “beer on table”, “dog inside car”), and also considers object-attribute relationships (e.g.”handbag is made of leather” and “bench is wooden”).

Please refer to the Open Images 2019 Challenge page for additional details. The challenge contains a total of 3 tracks, which are linked above in the introduction. You are invited to explore and enter as many tracks as interest you.

The results of this Challenge will be presented at a workshop at the International Conference on Computer Vision.

We are excited to partner with Open Images for this second year of competitions. See link here for last year’s Visual Representation Detection competition.


  • 1st Place – $7,000
  • 2nd Place – $6,000
  • 3rd Place – $5,000
  • 4th Place – $4,000
  • 5th Place – $3,000

Deadline:- 24-09-2019

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