Closed/Expired: Open Knowledge International 2017 Frictionless Data Tool Fund

Open Knowledge International 2017 Frictionless Data Tool Fund

Open Knowledge International, through the Frictionless Data project, is now accepting applications for the Frictionless Data Tool Fund. Apply for a mini-grant to progress and improve their specifications. Supported by the Sloan Foundation, the Frictionless Data Tool Fund is providing a number of minigrants of $5,000 to support individuals or organisations in bootstrapping the implementation of libraries for the Frictionless Data specifications in a range of programming languages

The Tool Fund is part of the Frictionless Data project at Open Knowledge International, where they are addressing issues related to frictions that occur when working with data. They are doing this by developing a set of tools, standards, and best practices built around the Data Package standard, a containerisation format for any kind of data based on existing practices for publishing open-source software. Last year, they convened a working group to progress the specifications to their first 1.0 release, and they now have an excellent foundation to add further implementations to complement their core libraries.

The fund welcomes submissions of interest from 1st March 2017 until 31st July 2017, or until the grants have been allocated. Entries will be accepted, reviewed and awarded continuously so do not delay your application.


The Open Knowledge International is offering one-off grants of $5,000 to anyone interested in extending the implementation of Frictionless Data libraries in additional programming languages.

Deadline:- 31-07-2017

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