Closed/Expired: OpenIdeo – Workplace gratitude challenge

OpenIdeo - Workplace gratitude challenge

In the Ideas phase, we’re calling our global community to submit current projects or proposals focused on the Challenge topic:

How might we inspire experiences and expressions of gratitude in the workplace?

Let’s use our insights and experiences from the Research Phase to invent and design new innovations that radically push the boundaries of existing gratitude practices.

First, read the Challenge Brief. Then, get creative, join conversations and contribute your own Idea – the more visual the better! Check out our Additional Resources page to get started – and Brainstorm around our Opportunity Areas.

Please see our Evaluation Criteria for guidance as you develop your Idea.

Awards:- A total of $40,000 in Implementation Grants will be distributed to participants and organizations who have submitted or helped to refine Top Ideas. That funding is intended to help them deepen and improve the experiences and expression of gratitude within their organization.

Deadline:- 25-10-2017

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