Orison – Rethink the Power of Energy

Orison – Rethink the Power of Energy

The First Home Battery System You Simply Plug in to Install.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the future of energy, something has to give. Conventional resources are limited and the grid is overburdened and unreliable. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are a critical part of the solution, but they’re also intermittent: limited to times when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. And large amounts of intermittent energy simply can’t be accommodated our current energy grid.

Fortunately, there’s a fix. One that reduces your energy costs and contributes to a self-healing, ultra-efficient energy grid. This single, elegant solution is Orison.

Orison gives you power over energy like never before. Whether you get your energy from the grid, a solar array, or some other source, you can now control when to store it and when to use it. Orison will automatically store energy when utility rates are low, and then use that energy to power your home or business when rates are high. During a power outage, it will automatically power your home or business and make sure none of your stored energy is sent back to the grid. By localizing your energy distribution, you save money and reduce peak demand on the grid.

If you have a rooftop solar array, you’re producing zero energy at night, and not enough during peak hours in the morning and afternoon. And that excess energy you generate during the middle of the day and sell back to the grid? It’ll soon be sold at a loss (or in some cases not at all) when new changes to metering rates take effect. What you need is a way to store the solar energy you produce so you can use it whenever you need it. Orison gives you the power to do just that.

Orison is highly intelligent and fully networked. Each unit is linked via the Orison Cloud. This integrated network uses data including utility rates, peak demand charges, weather, blackout alerts, your usage profile, and more to determine the optimal operating schedule for your device. The Orison Cloud also works collectively to make the energy grid as a whole exponentially more efficient—capable of handling the growing influx of intermittent renewable energy, without the high cost of infrastructure entailed by other solutions.

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