Closed/Expired: OxiClean MaxForce Video Project

OxiClean MaxForce Video Project

It used to be the standard tailgate stains – a little mustard, some barbeque sauce, and the splash of a dark brew. Then you got a little older and it became splatters of salad dressing and pasta sauce from your dinner parties. Time kept rolling on, and soon it was blobs of pureed prunes and “baby’s first” mashed lasagna, followed by years of grass stains and finger paint and little sweat-stained jerseys. No matter what stage of life you’re at, you’re going to be battling stains, and even if you can’t ever be sure what’s next, you can be sure that OxiClean Max Force Pretreaters are there to take care of it.

OxiClean is America’s #1 bestselling versatile stain remover and is well known as a high performance brand, in part thanks to famous pitchman Billy Mays and his signature passion for the “miracle cleanser” in a string of infomercials starting in the 1990’s. OxiClean’s since grown over the years from a single product to a complete line of stain fighting laundry solutions… which in this case brings us to the Max Force line of Pretreaters.

OxiClean Max Force is the premium line of Pretreaters for OxiClean. The line of products is best in class and is all about total performance superiority, tackling the toughest dried-in stains, and designed with several different types of special stain-fighters. Now, Max Force is in your hands, and it’s time to show consumers how whatever stain it is, from whatever stage of life you’re at, Max Force can take care of it.

Project Objectives
The goal of this project is to create an engaging and relatable 30-second Video featuring OxiClean’s Max Force Pretreaters as they fight the different kind of stains that you might encounter at any stage of your life. The Video should show a demonstration of the different Max Force products and highlight their unique benefits. Also, while there is a clear life stages theme to this Video, you should think about creative ways of addressing that without being too straightforward. Elevate and evolve the theme and turn it into something special.

It’s also important that you avoid the infomercial-style demonstrations that OxiClean has done in the past. You should capture the personality of the brand, and incorporate a clear demonstration of the product working on clothing, but imaginatively weave the theme into that.

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Idea Awards (Submissions end 03/14/16)
TWO winning Idea submissions will each receive $250 and a 5% one-time residual payment if the final Video is based on their Idea. That means if your winning Idea is the basis for the 1st Place Video, you will receive an additional $575.

Pitch Awards (Submissions accepted 03/21/16 through 03/28/16)
The most compelling Pitch will be awarded $9,000 to help create their Video. The Pitch Winner will also be GUARANTEED a winning place in the subsequent Video Phase.

Video Awards (Open only to Pitch winner, due 05/06/16)
Upon completion of the Video, the Pitch winner will receive an additional $11,500 for their work.

Deadline:- 28-03-2016

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