Paid Internship at Delta Airlines in USA

Paid Internship at Delta Airlines in USA

Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s leading international airlines and their number one focus is to enhance all aspects of each customer’s travel experience. Each intern will be assigned individual duties; however, all interns will be cross-trained and expected to work as a team. Most duties are Flight Operations specific and will be extremely valuable to anyone with the long term goal of becoming an airline pilot. As a Flight Operations intern, you will work on projects such as charter flight planning, processing jump-seat approval letters, and management pilot applications, assisting with the organization of training classes for Pilot Recruitment, etc. Interns will be trained how to operate the 777 or 7ER simulator in order to conduct simulator tours for various charities and high-value customers. Each intern will also be exposed to other departments, such as Flight Safety, Operations Customer Center, Technical Operations, In-Flight Service, Communications, Labor Relations, etc.


United States


  • This is a paid internship
  • Due to the large volume of projects, each of the interns will learn about the industry and gain valuable life experience

Deadline:- T.B.A