Closed/Expired: Paper Forms To Apps Automation Challenge

Paper Forms To Apps Automation Challenge

The Problem

Our clients who are large companies need a way to automatically transfer 100’s of procedures/checklist that are typically in PDF, Word or Excel format to useable apps on our product FAT FINGER.

Currently users have to build apps one by one using our drag and drop form builder. This is easy but we want to automate it!


We need your help to extend our product. FAT FINGER allows anyone to take a checklist and using our drag and drop builder create a mobile app, workflow, dashboards, machine learning insights, etc.

We need YOU to extend the front end of this process so that anyone can upload a document(s) (PDF, Excel, Word, Images), recognize the text and structure of the document so it will automatically map to our products elements in our existing drag and drop building tool. We’ll do the rest!

For example:

A manufacturing client uploads their current paper based timesheet and inspection form that they currently use on PDF/Excel. We want them to upload it onto FAT FINGER and your widget maps the content against our exsisting building tool and app elements so the user doesn’t have to use our drag and drop interface, they will just see a preview of the finished app.

Our team:

SEE Forge creators of FAT FINGER is a Venture Capital backed tech company based in San Fransico and Houston focusing in  forms automation. We remove all the nasty paperwork, clipboards and excel spreadsheets out of operations. Clients then use this more efficient way of operating to make data driven decisions using our Machine Learning product Ai-Coach.

Tools & Help

We will provide you with a free license of FAT FINGER (just sign up for a free trial), training videos (by logging into the product) and access to our API (intercom msg. us when you log into FAT FINGER). You can build or leverage 3rd party tools to get to your goal and win the prize.

What You Can Do To Cause A Breakthrough

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  4. Start your FAT FINGER trial, learn the tool and create your solution!

Awards:- $5,000

Deadline:- 30-04-2017