Paris Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Paris Aerial Photography Awards 2020

The Paris Aerial Photography Awards is inaugurating its first competition by inviting all professional and non-professional photographers to take part.

Whether you take photos from a high point of view or use tools such as drones, helicopters, hang gliders, paragliders, ULMs, and all sizes of aircraft, you are invited to submit your best photographs to celebrate the best of aerial and bird’s-eye view photography.

Created in tribute to one of the first aerial photos taken in 1858 over Paris by Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, the Paris Aerial Photography Awards is inaugurating its first edition in 2020 by inviting all professional and amateur photographers, whether they take photos from a high point of view or use tools such as drones, helicopters, hang gliders, paragliders, kites, winders, masts, balloons and all sizes of aircraft, to submit their best photographs online, in 6 main categories (and 24 sub-categories): Urban, Nature, Fine arts, People, Editorial, Real Estate.

The competition was born to help photographers gain recognition, and it also has a role to play with the public. Aerial photography is the type of photography that best allows us to understand our impact as humans in today’s world, and that surprises our point of view by taking a bit of perspective.

The goal of the competition is to bring together the artistic legacy of aerial photography and the new photographic writings made with drones or shot from the top of a skyscraper, in order to create a new standard for excellence, and to promote the photographers who created it.

The 2020 Jury is composed of award-winning aerial photographers and influential artists from the four corners of the world. It includes Jeffrey Milstein, Daniel Beltrá, Dirk Dallas, Alex MacLean, Benjamin Grant, Peter Essick, Florian Ledoux, Hulia Boz, Abstract Aerial Art, and Noura Al Murr Al Neyadi.

The Paris Aerial Photography Awards was founded by Christophe Martin in the early part of 2020.

Awards:- There’s $15,000 in awards and cash prizes to be won. The winning photographs will be exhibited in a gallery in the heart of Paris on 14th and 15th November, 2020, during Paris Photo (the biggest photo fair in the world

Deadline:- 20-09-2020

Entry fees:-

  • $20 for the first photo submitted
  • $5 for the following ones

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