Closed/Expired: Patterns for Success by Herox

Patterns for Success by Herox

The chance for anyone to have success and prosperity is a dream captured in the ambitions of small business owners. The call of independence and working for one’s self, using the tools of sweat, enthusiasm, gumption and grit, appeals to many people across a broad spectrum of communities.

Clocking in and out of a “day job” is a sacrifice that some can’t make just for the sake of a paycheck. For others the transition from one career (such as armed services duty) to another, combined with a desire to turn a passion into a living, is the reason to pursue a small business. Whatever the reason, true success may be just a few leadership skills away.

By way of owning and operating a small business, entrepreneurs help power economies around the world. Business activities tend to be regional or even tied to a specific town, localizing the economic activities, jobs, relationships, and “glue” of the community. The nurturing of these businesses and business owners brings a return back to the places where they are felt the strongest. It’s a wise investment to make.

Yet running a business is not an easy task. The majority of small businesses are not only small, but very small, with sales under $250,000 (before expenses and product costs), and have 0-4 employees (source: International Data Corporation).

Awards:- Total Prize Amount $25,000

Deadline:- 14-07-2016

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