Closed/Expired: PEA Window Competition 2017

PEA Window Competition 2017

For this year’s competition we’ve teamed up with the Center for Architecture and Design (CFA) to give you, the creative thinkers reading this, a chance to really express your design chops. In this design competition we are asking you to simply rethink and show what the facade of the Center should be!

The Center for Architecture and Design just developed a brand new space that is open, engaging, and meaningful for those that dare to enter through the same ol’ façade. But what is THE façade of the Center for Architecture and Design? How can the façade call upon it’s founding principles?

For this competition we are really looking for how YOU define the façade: how it pushes the envelope,both physically and subliminally, how it addresses the experiences of those coming into or passing by and how it engages the public both inside and out beyond a visual connection.

Awards:- T.B.A

Deadline:- 24-09-2017

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