Closed/Expired: PediaSure Broadcast Video Project

PediaSure Broadcast Video Project

Produce a broadcast television spot that positions PediaSure as mom’s go-to solution for helping her child achieve healthy growth, while recognizing the fact that mom not only notices everything about her child, but does anything she can to help them when they’re behind the growth-curve.

This is the final stage of a longer PediaSure development journey, so if you’re just coming on board, we recommend you first read up on the Campaign Ideas Project that preceded this one, because it’s led to the development of three specific executional Campaign Ideas that will be used here to help produce a broadcast television spot.

The overarching theme of the campaign, as you’ll see, is all about the concept that Moms really do see everything, and when their child is behind in growth, just as moms see everything, they’ll also do anything to help their child. The dual focus on SEEING and DOING is key, because it reflects real insights about how Moms feel when they’ve got a child who’s behind the curve in growth, and it acknowledges the effort Mom gives to help their child achieve healthy growth. As we turn to creating a broadcast television spot that incorporates this concept, we’ll aim to accomplish a few specific objectives: creating a strong and memorable association between PediaSure and Growth (both height & weight); getting more parents with children behind-the-curve to try PediaSure; and encouraging Moms to adopt a “two-a-day” usage standard.


PediaSure has developed three different executional Campaign Ideas to help drive the broadcast spot, and each is listed below. They provide markedly different approaches, both visually, and narratively, but each can ladder up to the Campaign Concept that’s referenced in the Campaign Idea project. We’re asking you to consider each Idea separately, and pitch on how you might bring one of them to life in a broadcast spot. You shouldn’t combine the Ideas, but you can of course pitch more than once if you respond to multiple. After you look over the Campaign Ideas, there will be general executional considerations in the Objectives Section below.

Awards:- $138,000

Deadline:- 09-05-2017

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