Closed/Expired: Pepsi Celebration innovation contest

Pepsi Celebration innovation contest

All across the world, across different cultures and nationalities, families celebrate traditional occasions that hold meaning and symbolize the rich histories of their past, along with great hope for what is to come. Family is at the heart of these celebrations and it is a time to show love, respect, and care through thoughtful gifts, good deeds and family reunions.

Young people, age 15-25, view these celebrations with mixed emotions – on one hand they hold excitement for these occasions as milestones for change and hope for the future, on the other they feel bored and pressured with the rituals and formalities they are expected to do. Pepsi believes in the excitement of doing things differently and wants to encourage young people to make the most of each moment and family occasion.

Today, Pepsi wants your creativity to get young people age 15-25 to actively seek Pepsi out as their indispensable drink of choice for these traditional family occasions. We know mums are the ones who stock up the fridge but they want their children to be happy and will buy the best things that their children like, so your idea should appeal to young people.

Creative Challenge

In a poster with a tagline, disrupt boring tradition and make Pepsi young people’s indispensable drink of choice for traditional family gatherings and occasions.

Pepsi is all about “living young now” and wants to unlock excitement for young people by doing things differently


  • #1 Prize €1,500
  • #2 Prize €600
  • #3 Prize €400

Deadline:- 17-07-2016

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