Closed/Expired: PepsiCo GO Challenge

PepsiCo GO Challenge

In an increasingly connected – and curious – world, today’s delicacy is tomorrow’s craze. We’re looking for analytical experts and marketing maestros who can shake up our industry and spark a movement.  The challenge is simple: spot the next food or beverage trend and tell us how you’d take it to market. The prize: a selection of the latest, hi-tech gadgetry. There is also the possibility of an exciting position in the PepsiCo Graduate programme within our PepsiCo Digital or Insight teams.

 A portfolio of 22 brands, across 200 countries, and with net revenues of more than $65 billion; at PepsiCo, we’re always bubbling with new ideas and getting our teeth deep into data, on a mission that goes far beyond creating nutritious and delicious snacks. Together, we’re leading the global food and beverage market by pairing performance with purpose, integrating sustainability into our business strategy, investing in communities and developing a culture of environmental responsibility. This could be your gateway into our flavourful, futuristic, fast-paced world.

Learn more about the PepsiCo GO Student challenge, our Digital and Insights teams, and register your interest. Then, brainstorm your response and let the ideas flow. We’ll pick the best thinkers from the pool and put them in touch with our hand-selected mentors, who’ll supercharge your thinking and help you craft a sparkling commercial strategy. The finest business minds will earn a place at our grand final, where you’ll go head-to-head and compete for the grand prize, in the presence of some of PepsiCo’s leading lights. All finalists will also be offered interviews at PepsiCo HQ in the United Kingdom for places on our Insights and Digital Graduate programmes.

Awards:- Win an interview at PepsiCo’s Graduate programme and a selection of high-tech gadgets

Deadline:- 02-04-2017

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