Closed/Expired: Photoingenia 2017


The competition is organised by the Tecniberia (Spanish Association of Engineering Companies Consultancy and Technological Services).

The subject of the competition: Any element, in whole or in part, which shows the contribution of engineering or architecture to the improvement of habitability, comfort and quality of living in our environment, can take part in this competition.
We are talking about infrastructures, transport elements (such as roads or railways and maritime, air, and aerospace transport, for example), building, use and quality of water as a vital element, sustainability and environment, scientific and technological breakthroughs, communications, industrial plants (factories, industries, energy…) or cooperation projects for the improvement of quality of living in the developing countries.

Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 photographs.

First prize: 3.000 €.
Two second prizes of 1.000 € each.

Deadline:- 15-03-2017