Postleaf blogging platform


Simple & beautiful open source blogging platform.

Postleaf is a new blogging platform developed right here in Orlando. Postleaf is shockingly simple to install and use. It’s a great option for users who want to create their own blog or even a basic website.

This meetup is an introduction to Postleaf. I’ll talk about why I built it, how I built it, and give a live demonstration. Afterwards, I’ll open up the floor for a casual discussion about the software, other blogging tools, and web design/development in general.

Meet the Developer

I’m Cory LaViska, founder of A Beautiful Site, LLC. Since 2008, I’ve operated a SaaS content management service called Surreal CMS and a handful of free online tools for developers.

Postleaf is my latest project. If you’re into blogging, web design, or web development, this is a great opportunity for a one-on-one with a local founder and developer.

Need more incentive to attend? I’ll be handing out some sweet Postleaf stickers!