Closed/Expired: Power to the People Jovoto Innovation challenge

Power to the people

In order to make people heard and therefore strengthen democracy the initiators want to build up reach, raise awareness and activate people to take a stance for the binding people’s initiative first in Austria and then in Europe. This lays the groundwork to develop enough power and pressure to convince the new Austrian government (and later the European Commission) to hold a referendum on the introduction of the binding people’s initiative.

Task Definition

Develop an engaging and self-explaining communication concept for the binding popular initiative. Important is that your concept is versatile and based on a dynamic communicational concept, which allows the initiators to address different topics throughout the next months and years.

Your communication concept needs to address the necessity and the pro’s of introducing the binding popular initiative in Austria. In order to make your communication concepts comparable, please develop the following elements:

  • Keyvisual. This should be the main visual element of your submission as all other visual elements will derive from it.
  • Landing page. The landing page is a key element of the communication concept as it is the ‘digital home’ and central hub of the campaign.
  • e-Flyer. The ‘electronic flyer’ is the most important content element as it contains the most important information about the binding people’s initiative at a glance. As a hint: think infographic.
  • Outdoor poster.  This is the key communication tool in the real world. Clear, easy to understand with a good slogan and based on the key visual.

While we appreciate if you showcase the four deliverables on single slides please make sure to include them in the project template provided in the Project Kit.

Your concept may also contain:

  • a new name for the project.
  • a new logo.

But whatever your over-arching idea, keep in mind to think conceptual. This means that your idea should be executable and expandable into a communication campaign throughout the next year. Especially consider that your communication concept should work in different channels like social media, newsletter, outdoors, PR, guerilla actions etc. However you do not need to execute all the possibilities.

The more elaborate the better but as there will be a communication agency involved, the focus should be on an extraordinary idea which unmistakably transports the positive aspects of the binding people’s initiative.  Important is that you stick to facts only – so no lies, no alternative facts but strong emotional arguments.

Additional information
Make sure you fill out the project template provided in the Project Kit, as it helps to understand where you’re coming from, which again heightens your chances of being considered by the client.

Target Group

  • the people in general
  • young, idealistic people (currently activated by their concern about Trump, Brexit etc.)
  • concerned citizens of all ages and backgrounds
  • people who feel left behind by globalization and digitization
  • kids , who can’t vote yet, but are able to energize others (e.g. during the Obama campaign, 2008)


  • Honest – caring for the people struggles to being heard
  • Convincing – that democracy needs the people’s voice to survive
  • Sceptical – toward elites and populists
  • Trust – in the good in people
  • Challenging – looking at matters from different angles and not sticking to ideologies

Guidelines, regulations, comments

Mandatory Requirements

  • The initiators want to give you as much creative freedom as possible. However your communication concept needs to be clever and suitable to activate people to support the implementation of the binding people’s initiative.
  • The visual elements of your communication campaign need to include key visiual, landing page, e-Flyer, outdoor poster.
  • If you come up with a new name and/or logo for the project, please already check whether it is technically and communicatively feasible (URL, #, Color code etc).
  • Make sure you fill out the project template (incl. the 4 visuals) provided in the Project Kit, as it helps to understand where you’re coming from, which again heightens your chances of being considered by the client.