Closed/Expired: Premium Status Gift Box Challenge

Premium Status Gift Box Challenge

Cognac, bourbon, and Scotch single malt whisky are not like other spirits. These are so called “dark spirits” because they gain their color and flavor complexity during the ageing process. In its ageing lifetime, a dark spirit can take on the taste profiles from the environment where it is aged. For example, single malt Scotch that is aged on the coast can taste slightly salty with hints of iodine or if it is aged in an old sherry cask it can have a slightly wine-like sweeter finish, a characteristic that Scotch also shares with the rum category.

All of this makes the “dark spirits” intriguing and something people love to explore – trying new flavors and marveling at the range of liquids from the everyday to the most rare and exclusive bottles. On top of the wonderful liquids to explore, there are a number of rich, fascinating brands. There are long established brands with amazing and rich family histories (Jim Beam, for example, was established in 1789), exquisite luxury brands and young start-up brands with a different point of view.

Due to their luxury credentials and breadth of appeal a bottle of cognac or whiskey makes an ideal gift. They make great seasonal gifts – for occasions such as Christmas or Chinese New Year – birthday gifts and as gifts to mark a special occasion. In many countries business people will also buy a bottle as a gift to a customer or client. Hence, gifting is a key occasion for “dark spirit” brands. It is therefore key for them to stand out on the shelves and provide consumers with unique and disruptive gifts so they are chosen over other gift options.

We are running a series of contests to create truly eye-catching and inspiring gift pack ideas that could work for a range of gifting occasions. This second challenge is focusing on the status gift box; a box that can form the outer packaging to hero the bottle of a spirit bottle. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

Invent a premium status gift box for some of the best cognac and whiskey brands.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 25-02-2018

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