Expired: Prepare your health science studies with the DIFC university

Prepare your health science studies with the DIFC university

Win a scholarship worth up to €2,200 and gain access to over 40 leading universities where you can study health sciences.

Are you planning to study Medicine, Pharmacy, or Dentistry? DIFC provides international students with a pathway to study health sciences at leading universities.
As the exclusive NCUK Study Centre in Ireland, DIFC offers guaranteed access to over 40 universities across Ireland, the UK and beyond. In fact, 100% of students who successfully pass the NCUK International Foundation Year or Pre-Masters programmes with DIFC are admitted to a university. It’s just one of the many reasons to study at DIFC!
DIFC offers courses at two different centres, Dublin and the newly opened centre in Cork.
At DIFC, we have extensive experience in supporting students who are looking to progress to Medicine or related degrees to progress to leading universities in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Our International Foundation Year – Health Science programme offers international students the opportunity to develop and progress to study degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.
You can win one of three scholarships to either centre where you will prepare to study health sciences at the university level.
  • €1000 Scholarship for the Dublin centre with Pathways to Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry with all Medical Partners
  • €2,000 Scholarship for the Cork Centre with pathways to Pharmacy or Allied Health with University College Cork or wider university partner network
  • €2,200 Scholarship for the Cork Centre with pathways to Medicine with mainland Europe Medical partners

Deadline:- 01-09-2017

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