Closed/Expired: PROOF, Design a chembio suit Challenge


The current chemical biological suit’s burden, weight and bulkiness restrict the Warfighter’s agility, range of motion and maneuverability necessary to conduct their duties. We are seeking innovative ideas for solutions that will increase Warfighter mobility, dexterity and tactility, allowing the Warfighter to complete all relevant tasks in a fast and comfortable manner, without fatigue associated with the ensemble.

We are also seeking ideas for heat management that reduce heat burden and actively cool the Warfighter as various physical tasks are conducted. Finally, we welcome ideas that improve the seamless integration between suit components, such as mask-helmet or glove-boot interface. The ultimate goal is to relieve any burdens and hazards to the Warfighter and improve operational capabilities in combating chemical and biological wartime threats.

Awards:- $150,000

Deadline:- 28-10-2016

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