Purorrelato 2019. Casa África’s seventh flash fiction competition

Purorrelato 2019

The competition is organized by the Casa África.

Casa África announces the seventh flash fiction competition called «Purorrelato» in order to promote literary creation to encourage us to feel and think about Africa and continue to show us the different realities that will bring us nearer to the continent, far from those stereotypes that for so long have marked it.

You may submit a maximum of three short stories. The subject is free to choose although the short stories should have some type of link to Africa. The story can take place inside or outside the continent and its degree of connection with Africa can vary from just a detail to the whole part of it.

Each short story must have a maximum of 1,400 characters (not words).

The short stories can be presented in any of the following languages: Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

1st Prize: 600 €
2nd  Prize: 300 €
3rd Prize: 200 €

Deadline:- 01-07-2019

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