Closed/Expired: Quirky – Doggy dental Invention challenge

Doggy dental Invention challenge

Nothing beats a big wet slobbery smooch from Sparky… except when it smells like Sparky’s been dining at the dump!
Arm & Hammer, the trusted source in dental care for over 100 years, is seeking new, innovative products for canine dental care. It’s often difficult and time consuming to brush your pet’s teeth but it’s critical for his/her health.

80% of dogs have periodontal disease by 2.5 years old. If left untreated, it can lead to life threatening health problems including heart, liver and kidney damage.
Plaque begins to develop within hours of brushing your pet’s teeth and in as little as three days, can convert to tartar.
Only 4% of pet owners brush their dogs teeth daily.

Arm & Hammer believes there is an easier way to keep our pet’s gums healthy and pearly whites clean. How can we achieve the same results as brushing with a toothbrush?

Awards:- Quirky will try to develop the product

Deadline:- 18-05-2018

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