Raising the Bar on Healthcare

A video challenge to share how Redirect Health raised the bar on healthcare and led to lowered costs for you and your family.
Here’s how the contest works:
Step 1: Think of an experience you had at Redirect Health that raised the bar on how healthcare could be by saving you time, saving you money, or eliminating hassle.
Step 2: Use your smart phone to video your 30 second to 3 minute story about how someone at Redirect Health helped make healthcare super affordable and easy. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Just be you.
Step 3: Upload the video to YouTube. While uploading your video be sure to “Tag”: “Redirect Health”, and “Raising the Bar on Healthcare”. If you need help uploading your video, please visit the link below.
Step 4: Share your new YouTube link with friends, family, and coworkers via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.
Step 5: Submit your your YouTube link at the bottom of the challenge page.
Award:-$1,000 prize winner will be selected from the five top viewed videos.
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