Closed/Expired: Re-Animate Europe International Comic Competition 2017

Re-Animate Europe International Comic Competition 2017

The competition “Re-Animate Europe” is organised by Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit.

After many external crises and internal shake-ups, from the migration crisis to Brexit to a lack of trust, the once strong and confident body of the European Union seems tattered and tired. The European heartbeat has lost its rhythm. How can we help to get Europe back on its feet? Who or what will be the healer, who can find the magic potion for Europe’s ailing heart? Share your vision with us – send us your „medication“ for a healthy European heartbeat!

The competition consists of two phases. In phase I, entrants submit the first page of your graphic short story, together with a summary of the story. In phase II, the finalists will be asked to present the complete 8-page graphic short story.

The seven finalists will receive a grant of € 800 to complete their graphic short story. Their entries will be published in an anthology.
The winner of the competition will receive € 500.

Deadline:- 05-02-2017

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