Closed/Expired: Reimagine hair washing experience innovation challenge

Reimagine hair washing experience innovation challenge

For many Body Care products, women tell us that if they can’t smell it, it’s not working. Fragrance plays a critical factor in how we perceive product efficacy, and is therefore a strong driver in choosing the right product, and enjoying it in-use.

Now think of Shampoo vs Body Care. For most women, washing their hair can be a chore; particularly for those with long hair. It’s a lot of work to wet the hair, apply the shampoo, lather up, wash the entire head of hair, and then rinse. And, unlike at the hairdresser, arms are raised, eyes are closed, and water is streaming down … it’s usually not a relaxing moment.

Conversely, the body wash experience is perceived as sensorial, indulgent, almost pampering, even if it’s primary role is to clean, moisture and beautify skin. Perhaps it’s the scent, the bubbles, the foam, the touch … body wash products are designed to enhance the moment, and they do. There is no reason why shampoo can’t achieve the same breakthrough while delivering the right benefit for your hair and scalp!

With technology, fragrance can be activated during use, diffuse different scents at different moments, provide an augmented sensorial experience, and more. Our sponsor believes that fragrance can augment the shampoo moment, and transform it for all of us.

We need your help to imagine a new shampoo experience, powered by fragrances!

Creative Challenge

In a poster with tagline, re-imagine a multi-sensorial, augmented shampoo experience where fragrance is the star.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 22-04-2018

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