Expired: Abbvie Reimagining the Hospital Experience of Cancer

Abbvie Reimagining the Hospital Experience of Cancer

For people living with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), the experience of their disease is ongoing. Once diagnosed, they are often consumed by the institutionalised management of their cancer. From the emotional impact on the patient and their family, to the frequency of clinical visits, the experience of cancer is felt before, during, and after each visit. Often, patients feel anxious, disconnected, and force-fit into a cycle of care. The system is at the center, not the people who are being treated.

This contest has been developed in order to encourage ideas for making the cancer journey a more human experience before, during, and after a hospital visit. Join us in providing innovative solutions for people impacted by CLL.

Awards:-1st prize: 6000 €


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