Closed/Expired: Reinvent the fragrance gifting experience challenge

Reinvent the fragrance gifting experience challenge

Giving someone a nice gift is not always easy. Pleasing and surprising the person at the same time is the objective, but it can be quite a tough nut to crack, because of the multiple parameters you need to take into account. As an answer, fine fragrance brands introduced an exciting gift proposition : gift sets . Typically, the fragrance was packed in a beautiful gift box, together with other ‘partner’ beauty products with matching scents: bath salt, soap, body lotion, etc. Offering a gift set was an exciting, special pleasure, and receiving one was an indulgent treat.

But these days, its success has gotten the best of this idea: giving a fine fragrance gift set, regardless of the occasion, is now one of the most classic, ‘safe,’ gift options there is – meant for lazy gifters who don’t know what else to offer. And, it connotes value rather than prestige. In addition, the perfume gift is a choice facing fierce competition from other categories that delight people with exciting experience.

Our sponsor, an international group of fine fragrance brands, wants to reinvent fragrance gifts set offer from the uninspired routine gift choice it is today, to an exciting, innovative, perhaps interactive gifting experience for the gifter, and for the receiver.

Can you help recreate the spark and make people love fragrance gifts again ? We are ambitious because gifting is a wonderful tradition that deserves more emotion, surprise, and thrill … Help us think of fragrance gifting experiences that would be so desirable, people would even queue up for it?

Creative Challenge

Reinvent the perfume gifting experience so it’s exciting & surprising for both the gifter and the receiver. 

Don’t hesitate to break the rules of the fragrance industry as we know it today. In fact, we want you to!


  • #1 Prize €4,000
  • #2 Prize €2,000
  • #3 Prize €1,000
  • #4 Prize €500

Deadline:- 17-04-2017

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