Closed/Expired: Reinvent handles for manual razors innovation challenge

Reinvent handles for manual razors innovation challenge

Shaving is an essential part of men’s grooming routines in order to look and feel good.

In the razor industry, we are seeing a lot of new players arriving lately. These new brands offer innovative solutions to men who are looking for simpler and more affordable options. Our client wants to embrace this revolution and offer men manual razors that provide great solutions to their needs or frustrations.

The focus of this contest is men’s refillable manual razors. These razors are made up of one handle and a cartridge (the razor head) that can be changed. This is why they are called refillable. Unlike the disposable razors that you dispose of after a few uses, the refillable razor can be used longer. You keep the handle and change only the head when it is necessary.

Despite recent changes and innovations, refillable razors’ handles could still be improved. So, our sponsor wants to re-invent the refillable manual razor handle for men. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

Wow us with your designs for your ideal refillable manual razor handle to please men.

There are three routes you can explore to re-invent razor handles:

  1. Attachment: today, most refillable manual razors use a push button mechanism to refill and dispense with razor cartridges on a handle (see example below). However, it remains difficult to attach and detach both parts as sometimes they do not connect well or immediately.
    >> You are asked to explore and imagine a new and innovative way to connect the razor head (cartridge) to the handle, making it more intuitive and simple for the user. Think broadly, there are other products where two parts are attached together. This can be inspiration for new ways to assemble two parts of a single product.
    No-go areas: avoid replicating razor cartridge and handle release mechanisms that already exist on the market. The new attachment must be different to competitors, yet remain simple and avoid over-complicated or too high-tech ideas.
  1. Maneuverability: some razors provide pivoting handles to help them move across different areas. Yet, they do not perfectly adjust to the topography of the face and users still need to make an effort in order to shave all areas of the face properly.
    >> You are asked to explore and imagine a handle allowing the head to have an optimal and continuous contact with the skin, to provide an effortless shaving experience. You can find inspiration in other product categories where improved maneuverability enhances the experience. Think about objects that are in contact with other surfaces and how the two touch and glide against each other.
    No-go areas: avoid replicating pivoting systems that already exist on the market and too high-tech ideas
  1. Design and Ergonomics: most refillable manual razors have a similar look and feel: straight handles, metal materials and gripping features, yet they do not allow for an optimal control and are not easy to handle.
    >> You are asked to re-invent a new and innovative razor handle with a distinctive element for the simplest and most intuitive handling ever (a natural fit with the hand).
    No-go areas: avoid replicating handle designs that already exist on the market and do not focus only on aesthetics. The ideas need to provide some functionality.

You can find inspiration in other product categories where design and ergonomics are a distinctive feature.

Your entry should be made of a visual illustration or sketch or product mock-up with an explanation of your idea.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. How does it work?
  2. What is the key benefit of your idea?
  3. How does your idea help simplify shaving? 


  • #1 Prize €2,000
  • #2 Prize €1,000
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 04-12-2016

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