Expired: Reinvent perfume innovation contest by Eyeka

Reinvent perfume innovation contest by Eyeka

Invent a never seen before luxury fragrance that will emotionally appeal to Millennials.

Smelling good is feeling good. It boosts my confidence and creates connections with others. People notice our perfumes, sometimes long after we have left the room, and it has a positive impact on them.

At all times, the invisible and subtle nature of perfume has been linked with marvelous and magical powers, causing strong emotions. Today, it seems that these powers have faded: the industry has failed to reinvent itself.

For most people, especially the Millennial generation, perfume seems to have lost some of its power of attraction. How come? Why are Millennials less attracted to perfume?

Perfumes have become extremely mainstream, with an incredible number of new launches each year (over 2000). They all look the same, are still mostly offered in a typical glass bottle with a spray, and an increasing number of people fail to relate to them. Additionally, brands communicate essentially around the topic of seduction, and the in-store purchase experience is often unsatisfactory, making it very hard for buyers to identify the “right” fragrance for themselves.

This was not always the case, and the objective of this project it to bring back innovation and emotions into the world of luxury fragrances. Our sponsor is a luxury brand of perfume who wishes to appeal to as many people as possible by re-igniting the fragrance world and offering an innovative experience, combined with true emotions and deep positive feelings.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 28-08-2016

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