Reinvent Président Butter for Breakfast challenge

Reinvent Président Butter for Breakfast challenge

In western countries, butter is ubiquitous. In France, it is still a sign of traditional, authentic, pure, high-quality and indulgent food, and French people love butter! At bakeries, for example, they sell “ordinary croissants” and “butter croissants.” The latter are more expensive, far tastier, and even flakier!

In France, unsalted butter must have 80% milkfat. This means that French butter has a particularly rich taste, creamy texture and delicately soft mouthfeel. It contains no water and has a saturated yellow hue. Butter is an essential building block of gastronomical French cuisine as well as simple natural everyday goodness. Butter is considered a ‘noble’ food among the French, and very different than margarine, which is made of vegetal fat, only some milkfat, and considered “un-natural.”

Traditionally, butter is a staple breakfast food: spread on baguette, brioche, brown breads, or on sliced bread / toast. Some French people “dunk” their butter “tartine” in a big bowl of coffee (often with milk), tea or hot chocolate as the ultimate sign of a regressive, leisurely, healthy indulgence. Sometimes, they add jam, honey, hazelnut or chocolate spread to their butter tartine.  

However, in reality, French people are eating less and less butter because less people, especially 18 to 24-year-old, eat breakfast at home during the week. In average, French people spend 12 minutes at breakfast per week.

To illustrate how breakfast is becoming squeezed and practical vs pleasureful, French people used to eat butter on French baguettes, but, these days, young people buy packaged sliced bread because they don’t have the time to buy a fresh baguette every evening for the next morning! There has also been a shift towards sweeter breakfasts … whereby people eat “tartines” with jam, honey, hazelnut or chocolate spread, but without butter. And many prefer “instant / no-fuss” cold breakfast cereals too.

That’s why Président Butter, the market leader, who is known for “gastronomic quality & the pleasure of butter” needs your help to invent a new butter product specifically for breakfast in France. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

Invent a new Président breakfast butter that give French people a reason to start eating butter again at breakfast during the week, whether they have breakfast at home, on-the-go or at the office.


#1 Prize €3,000

#2 Prize €1,000

#3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 04-08-2019

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