Closed/Expired: Revolutionise Tim Tam packaging design for the future contest

Revolutionise Tim Tam packaging design for the future contest

Ever had a Tim Tam – that perfect combination of layered chocolate biscuit and chocolate cream for an all-consuming sensory experience? It’s an iconic Australian favorite, perhaps eaten as mid-afternoon teatime treat after taking the kids to their activities.

Today Tim Tam packaging doesn’t stand out among other biscuit brands’ packaging. Tim Tam biscuits come nestled in a plastic tray with a thin outer plastic film holding the contents inside. The quality of current Tim Tam packaging is often thought of as inferior to the quality of the product inside.

How can you redesign Tim Tam packaging that will reflect the quality of Tim Tam biscuits, bringing unique eating pleasure so delicious and indulgent that they will want to share with the people they love?

Creative Challenge

Capture people’s attentions with revolutionary Tim Tam packaging that will get them excited about the uniquely indulgent layers of chocolate biscuit and chocolate cream inside.

Overhaul the Tim Tam eating experience with new and exciting packaging that is worthy of biscuit inside that brings unique, ridiculously delicious, indulgent eating pleasure.

When eating a Tim Tam, all the senses come into play. The feel of the packaging as you tear it giving way to a waft of delicious chocolate smells teasing you for what lies inside. As you slide the tray out, you see mouth-watering chocolate biscuit. You take a bit of it and hear the crunch, tasting the perfect melding of layers of chocolate biscuit and chocolate cream.

Be a pack design revolutionary and show us what an unconstrained view of the future of Tim Tam packaging could look like. Tim Tam is unpretentious, cheeky, social, and naturally confident. Your packaging design should reflect elements of the brand personality. Click here to take a look at Tim Tam’s current packaging and challenge the conventional.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 20-07-2016

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