Rigips Construction 4.0 Wall, ceiling and floor of the future challenge

Rigips Construction

The future of construction

This contest aims to revolutionize the way people create and build their homes in this modern and digitized age. For this, your creative input and imaginative ideas are needed on what the walls, floors and ceilings of tomorrow’s home might look like. Your contributions are not restricted to product solutions, but could also include the process of installing the (dry)wall, floor or ceiling.


Your task is to look for ideas leveraging technologies (e.g. connected objects, smart systems, power supply, sensors…) that can be integrated into drywalls for smart buildings and smart construction. What could be potential ideas for next generation walls, floors and ceilings in the buildings of the future? What benefits would users and/or installers have from your contribution?

Some topics to consider

Right now, there are some things to be taken into account. Feel free to rethink these aspects if it helps in the development of your ideas.

  • The installation of electrical components and wiring is usually installed by a different professional (electrician) than the one who constructed the drywall (drywaller).
  • Drywalls need to be sliced after installation to install cables, light switches and outlets.
  • Behind the drywall there is either a hollow space or insulation material that could be used to fit additional electronics.
  • Further issues regarding the construction can be found in the “Building made easy challenge”.


  • 1st place 


  • 2nd place 

         € 1.500

  • 3rd place                       

         € 500

  • Shortlisting places 4 to 10

         € 200

Deadline:- 30-10-2019

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