Closed/Expired: Roland digital piano design awards

Roland digital piano design awards

Roland digital piano design awards invites entry for their new contest. For nearly 300 years, the piano has enriched our lives with its expressive sounds, becoming an integral part of our music culture. Roland has been at the forefront of piano innovation since the release of our first all-electronic piano in 1973. In the summer of 2015, raising the bar once again, our next generation high-end Roland digital pianos debuted with modern digital features housed inside luxurious cabinets.

And now, we are preparing to take another leap forward in digital piano design and technology — free from traditional forms and sounds. In collaboration with forward-thinking designers and artists, we are launching the Roland Digital Piano Design Awards to push the boundaries and to explore the future of digital pianos.


We are looking for the ideal design of a future piano that is unleashed from and goes beyond traditional styles and methods.


Based on the theme “Unleash” we expect proposals that redefine the design of the concert grand piano.

 Awards:- Grand Prize JPY 500000, Excellence Award JPY 200000, Incentive Award JPY 100000

Deadline:- 21-12-2015

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