Closed/Expired: Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme 2017

Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme 2017

The Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme (RIFS) supports scientists from developing countries to train at Rothamsted Research for 6-12 months on a research project they develop jointly with a Project Leader at Rothamsted. Rothamsted International (RI) is a charity supporting sustainable agriculture in developing countries. It was launched in 1993 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of Rothamsted. The principal aim of the RI Fellowship Scheme is to support the exchange of skills and technologies between scientists from developing countries and Rothamsted Research. It is expected that RI Fellowships will benefit agricultural and environmental sustainability, thereby improving food quality and production in developing countries.


The fellowship provides funding for:

  • an accommodation and subsistence allowance;
  • one return journey between the home country and Rothamsted;
  • a contribution towards institute/ project research costs

Deadline:- 16-10-2017

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