Closed/Expired: San Francisco 2016 Tenderloin – System Update

San Francisco 2016 Tenderloin - System Update

Eleven is proud to announce its second international ideas and design competition. For this challenge, we move to California and ask: how do you solve a problem like San Francisco’s Tenderloin?

We call thinkers, architects, designers, students and multidisciplinary teams from around the world to design innovation by submitting a proposal for turning one of the most deprived, dangerous and disconnected neighbourhoods in the USA into the model-district of the future.The competition will precede a series of global spin-off events, exhibits and publications.

Our event sponsors Project Night Night, a fantastic San Francisco based charity, whose noble mission is to help homeless children across the USA dream a better future.Get stuck in and compete for the chance to win amazing cash prizes, media goodies and secure global exposure!

CONTEXT:The Gleaming City by the Bay

San Francisco, has always been a mecca for people looking for a new life. From the wild-west gold rush days, to the Beat generation and the flower-power Summer of Love children, this city by the bay has been consistently behind major cultural shifts and is an advocate for free-thinking. Today, the bay area is home to trendy dot-com start-ups and digital giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple. Again, we have seen it central in pushing us into the digital age we live in today.

A place where ideas are encouraged and innovation flourishes, San Francisco and its Bay Area remain global trend setters; a think-tank-geo-hub where possibilities seem to be endless.

Awards:- £3000 per team and a publication in Eleven Magazine and our global media partners. Induction in Eleven’s Hall of Fame.

Deadline:- 11-05-2016

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