SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 128GB

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 128GBSanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is the flash drive reinvented to work not just with your computer, but also with your phone and tablet. With the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media and transfer files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share photos and videos to and from your mobile device. Delivering up to 128GB of extra capacity, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick empowers your mobile lifestyle – whether you’re running a sales meeting or taking a hike in the woods. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick lets you stream video or music to as many as three other devices at the same time, or gives you access to all your stuff from the pocket of your jeans.

Wirelessly save and access your photos, videos, and files (1) with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. This flash drive reinvented requires no Interent connectivity to wirelessly access your favorite media from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick can stream HD videos and music (2) to up to three devices at the same time, whether it’s plugged into your USB drive or in your bag across the room. And with up to 128GB (3) of storage, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick lets you store and share all your files wherever you go. As the pioneers in USB drive development, SanDisk is unmatched in their record of innovation and continues to deliver reliable products.

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