Closed/Expired: Santiago emergent ecologies competition

Santiago emergent ecologies competition

The competition starts from the necessity of implementing practices and visions for equitable development and a sustainable future of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago; involving private actors, institutions, and communities in a process of reflection and synergic action that combines urban development with quality of life.

The competition is aimed at students and professionals in the fields of Design, Architecture, Urbanism, and Landscape. Contestants may participate individually or by forming teams of up to 6 people. Each team must contain at least one student. Students or professionals from other related disciplines can be part of the teams. The objective is to take this site as an opportunity to generate new meanings for the periurban areas of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, creating productive landscape that at the same time can protect biodiversity and promote a better relationship with the environment; imagining new ways and opportunities to live in the areas surrounding Santiago de Chile.

Awards:- $5000

Deadline:- 31-07-2016

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