Saoud Al-thani award for photography

Saoud Al-thani award

The Saoud Al-thani award for photography has the aims to act as the world’s premier photographic contest. The SAUD AL-THANI AWARD FOR PHOTOGRAPHY is organized on behalf of the Qatar Photographic Society. The SAUD AL-THANI AWARD FOR PHOTOGRAPHY is an annual event and consists out of two themes: each year we offer a general theme, in which the participants can enter photography with any kind of theme.

General theme: open special theme: Places to be / places I have been – Meine Lieblingsplätze Each author can enter a total of 8 digital files (4 general theme files and 4 special theme files).


Award:-SAUD AL-THANI GRAND PRIX AWARD 2015, $30000 plus Leica Camera plus PSA Gold Medal

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