Closed/Expired: School Enterprise Challenge 2016

School Enterprise Challenge 2016

Registration is now open for the 2016 School Enterprise Challenge. The School Enterprise Challenge is an international awards programme for schools around the world. This free programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan and set up real school businesses.

Students develop essential skills in business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way. The Challenge also helps schools generate extra income for their school, or a social cause of their choice.

Schools have set up an amazing variety of businesses. In 2015, 2900 schools from more than 100 countries participated in the Challenge and their businesses ranged from fly fishing in Belize, to an inter-schools newspaper in India and a car wash in South Africa. Register your interest today and be part of this network of enterprising schools across the world!


  • Register and Submit Business Idea – Schools register online and gain access to free suite of educational resources including weekly activities, lesson plans, lesson ideas, useful tools, templates and online support. Students may also enter mini competitions along the way. This takes one month.
  • Develop and Submit a Business Plan – Schools continue to use resources provided and have the opportunity to connect with other schools and apply for mentors inorder to develop and submit a business plan. This lasts for six weeks.
  • Implement the School Business and submit a Final Report – With the support of resources and feedback, schools seek startup funding (if needed) and startup their school business. This stage takes up to four months.

Awards:- Up to $50,000 in prizes available for the most entrepreneurial schools, teachers and students.

Deadline:- 24-04-2016

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