Closed/Expired: SERCA Photo Contest 2017

SERCA Photo Contest 2017

Entries are invited for the SERCA Photo Contest 2017 for Southeast Asians. The photo contest centers on the theme Agriculture for all, by all: Moving forward on agricultural and rural development in Southeast Asia. The 2017 contest intends to curate images bustling with innovators, change-makers, participative, active, and dedicated peoples of Southeast Asia, framed against the backdrop of better life in agriculture that they continue to pursue, whether in rural or in urban settings. It will showcase the faces behind the progress of the sector, alongside the gains that define this status.

Photo entries that may be submitted should show any of the following:

  • Innovation
    • Technicians, scientists, farmers, youth, and/or women teaching or sharing to each other some innovations/practices that improve production, processing, packaging, or marketing of agricultural products
    • New/young generation of farmers (producers/entrepreneurs) utilizing digital technology, machinery field experimentations, and similar modernized techniques in production/processing/marketing of agricultural products
  • Inclusive Growth
    • Farmers, fisherfolks, and farm families are not excluded from progress as shown in their accessibility to food in the farm/marketplace/table at home
    • Availability of land, farm inputs, and other resources for farmers to become productive in their small farms and/or have a bountiful harvest
  • Sustainability
    • Endemic/unique practices or new technology/innovations in agriculture in rural or urban settings, such as but not limited to agroforestry, urban agriculture, and climate smart agriculture
    • Photos of resiliency and readiness of farmers/farm families to impacts of climate change
    • Photos that can elicit triumph and joy from viewers such as farmers harvesting, people teeming in the marketplace, unique festivals/ceremonies centered on the produce of the land and sea


  • 1st Prize: USD $800
  • 2nd Prize: USD $500
  • 3rd Prize: USD $300
  • People’s Choice via Facebook: USD $200

Deadline:- 30-11-2017

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