Closed/Expired: SHOP.COM App development contest

SHOP.COM App development contest

Build awesome innovative apps utilising cloud tech. There are no limits to what you can build for HAX, think outside the square and get as innovative as you like.

Our categories are

  • Best NEW App integration
  • Best enhancement of an existing App integration
  • Most Innovative use of Xero’s APIs
  • Best New Open Source Project with Xero’s API


Have a cloud application you want integrated with Xero? HAX is your chance to build that integration. This category is for companies looking to reach Xero’s 1 million users by building a bridge between Xero’s products and theirs. Win an opportunity to exhibit in Startup Alley at a Xerocon of your choice in 2018 (worth $5000) and a highly sought after sit down workshop with the Xero team.

Looking for inspiration ….

  • Are your customers already asking you to integrate with Xero?  Here’s your chance to challenge your team and make your customers happy.
  • Don’t have a small business app? Look for integration requests from our Community – i.e.  Nutshell CRM , Zoura, Dwolla
  • Look to build a new SMB app – target verticals with desktop solutions that need disruption – think “Cloud Apps for Craft Brewers, Veterinarians, Family Entertainment Centers or Funeral Homes”


Have a cloud application that is already integrated with Xero and listed on our app marketplace? Then this category is for you. We are looking for apps that have been revamped, utilising latest standards, using our recommended solutions and are using our API in the most efficient way. Extra points for enhancements or improvements that address customers feedback.

Looking for inspiration?

  • Look at your support ticket queue for feature requests
  • Xero Marketplace reviews and contain great suggestions
  • Ask your customers – via survey – How can we make our Xero integration more awesome. Technologies to benefit small businesses around the globe.

Awards:- $5,000 in prizes

Deadline:- 30-10-2017

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