Closed/Expired: Shore To Core Visions For A Waterfront City

Shore To Core Visions For A Waterfront City

Design competition Shore to Core will select two teams to reimagine how we grow and connect our downtowns and waterfronts using West Palm Beach as a model.

West Palm Beach is a young city that is growing quickly. Many associate this region with a large retirement community, but there is also a growing population of people in their 20s and 30s, as well as large Black and Hispanic populations.

Shore to Core asks:

– How can we recreate an urban core so its design is intelligent, flexible, and responsive to the needs of residents and visitors?
– How can we create cities that are not only resilient, but also support the wellbeing of individuals and communities?

Teams must include at least one designer (an architect, landscape architect, urban designer, and/or planner), and are encouraged to include members with expertise in economic development, environmental psychology, resiliency, placemaking, and the social sciences.

Awards:- In the design competition, two finalist teams will be selected to participate in a 3-month design process and receive $45,000 to develop their work. The research team will receive $40,000 to develop their work, $10,000 to implement their pilot study.

Deadline:- 21-08-2016

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