Expired: Sideline design scholarship

Sideline design scholarship

The founders are from widely different backgrounds and life experiences, who deeply appreciate the importance of self-reliance in generating opportunities and income in ones own life. We recognize the need to have a stable life and job to meet our needs – but recognize the far greater and deep seated want to Invest in Adventure, even when it comes to making money on the side. We believe in “Sidelines” – part-time money making opportunities that often cultivate a different but equally important part of our overall talents and passion for life.

Awarded to the best individual or group Sideline Recipe submission by high school or college enrollees, according to the below scoring criteria: Clarity and completeness of the submitted Sideline Recipe Form Cogency of attached 500 word maximum 12-month Sideline Growth Plan, that describes your strategy for expanding the scope of your Sideline including use of Labor Substitution Go to “Start Your Sideline” Tab, and download the printable Student Sideline Recipe . Complete the Recipe and attach a maximum 500 word Sideline Growth Plan that includes Labor Substitution as described in a Blog post. Submit the completed Recipe and attached Growth Plan as a PDF document to: studentsidelines@gmail.com . Winner will be announced on June 3, 2016.

Awards:- 1st $1000

Deadline:- 13-05-2016

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