Signature Kitchen Suite Innovation challenge

Signature Kitchen Suite Innovation challenge

Today, affluent house holders have redefined what luxury means within the home. For those that live an active and vibrant social lifestyle, the kitchen is seen as the height of luxury and where advanced technology and exceptional performance are the two must-haves for this new class of consumer. Cooking is their ultimate passion and they look for new sophisticated ways to cook a variety of high-quality foods but they’re socially conscience food consumers. They care about the origins of the food they buy, seeking high quality ingredients from local markets and respectfully prepare food for their families.

The latest name in luxury kitchen appliances, Signature Kitchen Suite values this new generation of forward thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation. Signature Kitchen Suite are bringing them luxury built-in kitchen appliances with leading-edge technology, delivering performance, design, precision demonstrating respect for the food at every level. Knowing where food comes from, appreciating what it takes to bring it to you, and making sure it’s prepared in the best ways possible is how Signature Kitchen Suite demonstrates its values and respect for food at every level.

Help us develop an inspiring campaign to bring the Signature Kitchen Suite brand to life for affluent, Western Europeans & Brits (Italy, Spain, France, Germany & UK) who are passionate about cooking at home.

Creative Challenge

Create an inspiring poster and tagline that shows in a compelling and relevant way, how Signature Kitchen Suite, as a challenger brand connects with affluent Western Europeans & Brits who are passionate about cooking at home. 


1st Prize (€3,000)
2nd Prize (€1,000)
3rd Prize (€500)

Deadline:- 22-07-2018

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