Closed/Expired: Simple Office Accessories Product Design Contest 2017

Simple Office Accessories Product Design Contest 2017

Come up with innovative product ideas to make people’s office life simpler and more enjoyable. Think of what you need or miss when working in your office, what would be the best product to make your office life simpler? The title of the contest is “Simple Office Accessories”. Invented4 is in search of that dusty old idea of yours that has been laying somewhere in your closet or on your computer disk for a while now. The one that popped in your head when you faced a problem no one has solved yet. The one that you know could have a great impact on people’s lives but you just never found the time or resources to realize it.

The theme of this contest is Simple Office Accessories and it addresses everyday problems in the office. They believe you have some great solutions for these problems. You are encouraged to submit more than one idea as this will give you better chances to be selected. They might buy out even more ideas so share this contest with your friends and give them a chance to show off their ideas too. They will be thankful for sure.

The design of the simple office accessory should:

  • Be feasible;
  • Be functional;
  • Have a low manufacturing price


  • 10 finalists will be chosen, which will be assessed by wholesalers from 30 different countries. The winner will be awarded 5,000 EUR, global promotion and a product signature.

Deadline:- 31-05-2017

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